About sInfraRed

What is sInfraRed?

sInfraRed is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xenics in Singapore,

  • based on a strong knowledge background of infrared detector technology,
  • achieved via continuous innovation,
  • driven by applications and markets, and
  • combined with a flexibility towards our customers to find a solution to their specific infrared problem

We offer a complete portfolio of infrared cameras and detectors for the SWIR, MWIR and LWIR ranges.

What does sInfraRed do?

sInfraRed covers the full spectral range of Xenics' advanced infrared product portfolio and focuses on market extension, local support, high volume production and customization of infrared products for local markets. This is achieved through experienced management, an international presence and focus, strong customer relations and in-depth market knowledge. 

In addition, sInfraRed will serve as a manufacturing base for ROICs and PCBs in subcontracting projects. Another function of the new facility is custom product development for camera and ROIC design.

sInfraRed is headed by Dr. Raf Vandersmissen, drawn from the Xenics office in Leuven

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sInfraRed quality assurance

sInfraRed and its employees are committed to the principles of continuous improvement and to achieving customer delight by providing defect free products, on time, every time.

sInfrared is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company for it's manufacturing, testing and sales of infrared products and services.

Download sInfraRed 9001:2015 certificate